Classic Who DVD Compendium – 1 week to go!

The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium – the complete guide to every release from the original series – is published next Monday, 4 August 2014.

Sadly Amazon doesn’t seem to offer pre-orders on print-on-demand books, but it’s all ready to go so should be up for order promptly on the 4th. It’ll be available from Amazon UK here for £16.99 and Amazon US here for $30.99 (less any discount Amazon chooses to apply).

It should also be available as an ebook on Kindle and via Smashwords (and the retailers it supplies). I’m still going through the slightly tedious approval process for the e-edition but am hoping to have it sorted ready for next Monday, or shortly after. On Smashwords it’s priced at $15.99, and should be £8.99 once it’s on the Kindle Store.

Note that the ebook version doesn’t quite include all the content of the print edition. All the entries for the DVDs themselves are there in full, but there are a couple of tables that I had to omit as ebooks can’t do tables, and a couple of the indexes which were redundant as you can search in the ebook instead.

In my, humble, opinion the printed book is much nicer and easier to flick through to find entries and look up extras. But the ebook has the same functionality, with links throughout and a complete table of contents.


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