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Planet of the Daleks

Hi all, more delays but here’s my cover for Planet of the Daleks. Took a little while to get this to hang together right – as you can read about here – and as a result it’s not one of my favourites, but I hope you think it’s ok.

Feeling the pressure a bit with all the boxsets and double-packs either already out or imminent – more Pertwee with the two Peladon stories, then after Masque of Mandragora there’s Space Museum and The Chase, then the Myths & Legends box. Why do they overload the start of the year so much? So I’m afraid you shouldn’t expect covers to appear too soon after release as sadly I’m already playing catch-up this year. But I will plug away at them when I can – rest assured, there’ll be Velvet Jacket covers for every release…eventually!