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The Deadly Assassin

Deadly Assassin VJ coverMy cover for The Deadly Assassin is now available for download from Velvet Jacket – click on the thumbnail to go to the site.

Pretty straightforward cover given the Doctor and the Master really have to be the key elements. Read more about my thoughts behind the design here. And I’ve added an Updates entry for Image of the Fendahl here – totally forgot about that one!

Love to hear your comments.

Cheers, JC


Delta and the Bannermen – BBC cover

bbc_deltaClick here for a larger view at the BBC Shop.

My initial reactions: I like the general composition, it’s the details that don’t grab me. I particularly dislike the bus bursting from Sylv’s chest. The bees (I presume) on the left seem like they’re just filling in space (and indeed, it does feel too empty on the outside edges). And why all the swirly nonsense across the bottom – pretty redundant artistically?

It’s a shot of the Doctor I don’t think I’ve seen before, which is nice (even though he has an odd expression), and the gun-toting Gavrok and Delta balance well. But the colours seem a bit muted on this preview, not giving the bright summery feel of the story itself. On the whole, though, it’s only really the bus I think doesn’t work.

Image of the Fendahl

Fendahl thumbHere, at last, is my cover for Image of the Fendahl. It’s been a bit of a struggle getting this one to work and I don’t think the result is my best work – it’s all a bit too busy. Lots of good elements but they don’t sit together quite right – rather like the story itself, imho!

Click the thumbnail to go to Velvet Jacket to download the full cover. I’ll be adding commentary on its creation to the Updates page a little later.

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