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The Creature From the Pit

Just as Time and the Rani just had to be a pink cover, this couldn’t be anything other than green – yes, it’s The Creature From the Pit. Click here to go to Velvet Jacket and download. Do please leave your comments – they’re always much appreciated.

Which leaves only two more 2010 releases to go. Phew! Two of the toughest in terms of photo choices, however, and I’m having to give Revenge of the Cybermen a major rethink given the surprising paucity of Cybermen photos.


Time and the Rani

I didn’t manage to upload this cover before Christmas so consider this a late present, and what more suitable for panto season than Time and the Rani! Click here to visit Velvet Jacket and download.

And it’s straight onto the last three outstanding 2010 releases. I am keen to get them completed this week (if not by New Year, at least by the end of the long weekend) as Meglos will be out before we know it. I have rough compositions for all three in my head so I need to do some picture research and then get on and put them together. Such fun!


The Seeds of Doom

As promised, here’s my latest cover – The Seeds of Doom (Monday’s part of the weekend, right?). I finished the illustration yesterday, but wanted to give it a day for any amends to come to mind, so this evening I’ve been tweaking it a little and putting the final cover together. Click here to go to Velvet Jacket to download, or here to read about its creation and see some work-in-progress pics.

I’ve got the next cover in mind – probably a similar composition to this one, actually – so roll on the weekend!


Brief pause

Sorry for no update this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to work on the covers. It doesn’t help that I’m down to some covers that don’t have a lot of photos to inspire me. Still, I’m aiming to get one done in the next week — probably another Tom story.

Also, as I’ve been asked, I thought I’d mention that I will be doing revamped covers for the releases in the Revisitations 1 set (and future reissues). As with the reissue of Remembrance of the Daleks, I’ll tweak the illustration where needed (rather than doing a completely new one) and update the special features listed on the back, but they won’t be titled ‘special edition’ like the actual releases were. I can see why 2|e need to do that for retail reasons, but I’d rather keep that appellation for fresh edits like the Battlefield or Enlightenment ones. I’ve made a start, updating the text, and these may get done before the New Year, but I want to concentrate on completing the outstanding new releases first.