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The War Games

VJ War Games coverMy cover for The War Games is now available to download from Velvet Jacket.

Read about its creation here – and how I learned that trying to cut corners really is a false economy, and if you want your art to look as good as you can make it, you really do have to put in the work!

Hoping to move swiftly on to the Black Guardian trilogy, although I may slip my updated Remembrance cover in first as I don’t anticipate that being a big job (famous last words).



Delta and the Bannermen

Delta and the Bannermen-VJAt last, here’s my cover for Delta and the Bannermen! Click the thumbnail to download. Dunno if you’ll think it worth the wait – this really is one of my all-time turkeys, I’m afraid, and I just don’t connect with the story at all, making it tricky to get the right vibe for a cover. So I kept it fairly simple in the end.

Ploughing on with The War Games now, although picture sources aren’t extensive. Can’t decide whether to resist going with a triangular ‘map’ background/framework cos every else uses it or not…

Cheers, JC