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Day of the Daleks

Before I go away for a few days, there’s just time to let you know Day of the Daleks is now available to download from Velvet Jacket. And there are notes on its creation here.

Hope you all have a very Happy New Year.



The Gunfighters

And as you surely guessed, The Gunfighters is next up – now available for download from Velvet Jacket. Production notes here.

Straight onto the next one, if time doesn’t get rewritten…



On the drawing board…

No prizes for guessing which story I’m working on the cover for next…

Paradise Towers

At last, a new DVD cover! Available for download now from Velvet Jacket is Paradise Towers. And read brief details about its creation here.

Being made redundant hasn’t quite given me the free time to devote to covers I expected. When I was working as a magazine designer/producer, the covers were a nice way to practise skills that I didn’t get to use in my job as often. Now I’m not working, though, I find myself wanting to apply my main print design skills, and so I’ve been engaged on projects other than the covers — as well as trying to find paid work, of course.

So I’ve fallen behind again against my wishes, but do rest assured I still have every intention of producing alternative covers for all stories released on DVD, and hopefully the full Classic series eventually.