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Planet of the Dead – BBC cover

bbc_planetofdeadDoctor Who Online has revealed the cover for the DVD release of  the recent Special, Planet of the Dead. Click here to see a larger version.

While this is more of a blog about the Classic Series covers, there hasn’t been much to comment on for a while on that front, so I thought I’d expand my remit.

Like the Next Doctor cover, this has taken the books approach of placing the logo in the middle and the two stars above. I don’t know if this is a deliberate plan to unify the ranges, but it does work for this year’s one-off episodes as it puts a focus on the key players, which is clearly a selling point for these Specials.

As for the story specifics, the elements are pretty mandatory – bus, desert, fly guy. The stingrays (did they get an official name?) are a bit indistinct, and I don’t like the whizz lines, especially where they overlap the Doctor’s shoulder. All in all, it sums up the episode – pretty but not very engaging.