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Two more off the list

Another productive weekend and two more covers done – as promised, a 60s and a 70s story.

Lucky it was a Bank Holiday weekend, though. The former took me longer than usual because of the need to colourise black-and-white images for the 60s stories – a decision I made early on when I was doing covers like The Aztecs and Dalek Invasion of Earth, for which I had (some) colour photos to use. But although it’s more work for me, it’s a choice I’m happy with. I think the range of covers looks better for being all in colour, rather than full colour after 1970 and simple colour washes before then. Even those where I have used a colour overlay, like parts of The Keys of Marinus and The Mind Robber, it’s never a simple flat colour, there are still elements in full colour and, of course, always the Doctor. So it takes time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end (I think).

So had it been a normal weekend, I’d only have completed one cover. But the extra day allowed me to run up another. I deliberately chose a 70s story for which not many images exist, saving time by limiting the design options. This also meant that I wouldn’t feel like I’d rushed things as this story was always likely to be quick to do for that reason.

No rest, though, and it’s on to the next one! As I said before, I’m holding them back for now before I post any, although I won’t necessarily wait until the whole backlog is cleared as I already feel the schedule bearing down on me, with Time and the Rani due out next week and then another blooming boxset – at least with the three stories in the Revisitations box I don’t have complete covers to do; as with Remembrance of the Daleks, I plan to upgrade my existing covers, obviously with revised Special Features on the back, but also tidying up the front illustrations with my now more experienced eye.



Two down, eleven to go

Productive weekend and managed to get two covers completed (well, just finished off the second one this evening). Both 80s stories, so maybe I should move to a different decade next.

I’m not going to post them just yet, but will wait for the backlog to reduce some more (partly as I’m not doing them in release order). However, users of the Velvet Jacket Mac OSX Desktop widget may get a sneak preview if they have their settings right…


One side done

Okay, that’s the back-cover blurbs for all releases up to the Cyber-boxset done. It’s coming up with the taglines that’s hardest, and deciding what’s unique to each story to make it stand out from all the others. But it’s fun writing them and the story summaries myself, rather than just copying them out of some reference guide.

Now all I need to do is start on the front cover illustrations! 13 to do – oh dear :S


Getting back in the swing

Spent most of Sunday writing back-cover blurbs and filling in production details for this year’s releases to date. Got through eight stories, just a few more to do. Also been roughing out some illustrations in my head recently, so plan to start work on producing them soon – probably not in release order, will just start where inspiration strikes.