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It’s Anniversary month!


The month of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary is finally here, and to celebrate in my own little way I’m planning to bring Velvet Jacket up to date at last with a host of new covers.

Over the coming weeks I’m aiming to post covers for all outstanding new DVD releases and enough of the revisitations that I can offer at least one cover for each of the Classic Doctors (‘cept McGann, he’s all done) over the anniversary month.

So keep an eye on the blog for the latest updates to Velvet Jacket.


Time & Space Visualiser

viscover_150Still working on the next DVD cover, but in the meantime anyone who’s interested in graphic design and data may like my new book, Time & Space Visualiser, which is now available from Amazon.

This is the first ever book to look at both the factual and fictional history of Doctor Who through data visualisations, presenting information about the show in a way never seen before.

Using a range of eye-catching graphics, it reveals who are the most popular writers and directors, all the places on Earth the Doctor has visited, which companions gained the most experiences from their travels, the most common comeuppances for New Series enemies, how long it would take to watch every episode back to back, and much more.

Each chart is accompanied by detailed notes discussing the background and context of the areas under examination, how the data was compiled and what it reveals.

The book is 120 pages in full colour throughout, US Letter sized (22x28cm) with a softcover. You can see some sample pages by clicking here.

If you’re interested, Time & Space Visualiser: The Story and History of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations is available now from,  and other Amazon country sites.

The Krotons

cov_134Crikey, I actually found/made time to finish a cover. Who’d have thought it? And I only started it seven months ago! Hopefully there’ll be more to follow in less time than that, but hey, this is life, no guarantees. I will finish the range, however. I will, I will

Dragonfire …and Delta

As you’ll have guessed, I’m sure, my next cover is for Dragonfire. You have a choice of colours to download for this one, which is explained in the background notes. It’s to do with a revision to Delta and the Bannermen, which I hope you’ll prefer as I do, but don’t feel at all obliged to use if you’ve already printed the original.

I think that’s enough McCoy for now, even though there’s only one more to go. Let’s try a different direction point…


The iceman cometh…

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Quite right, Sean. And here he is on The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Download. Notes.

And more Sylv to come.


Guess who…

Death to the Daleks

The beacon is destroyed and power restored, so here is my cover for Death to the Daleks. Download the full-size cover from here, and read about how I blew up a Dalek here.

I feel I should do a McCoy next as he has the most outstanding. But which one..?


Power outage

Tsk. I was all ready to post a cover before heading off to Florana for a quick dip when something drained all the power from my computer. All I managed to upload was this:

Oh well, hopefully energy will be restored by Saturday, if a bunch of Daleks don’t turn up…

Planet of Giants

So here’s the first new cover, by fluke starting with the most recent release: Planet of Giants. Download from here or read about its composition here.

What shall I do next? Maybe the Gods will decide…