2 days and counting… The Ice Warriors

icewarriors_VJartThe countdown to 50 continues with the last of the Second Doctor releases: The Ice Warriors — at least it would have been if they hadn’t only gone and found two more previously missing stories!

Click here to download the cover from Velvet Jacket, and read notes about its creation here.

So yes, that would have been it for the Troughton era except we now have The Enemy of the World and (most of) The Web of Fear back in the archive, and soon on our shelves. Hurrah! I plan to do the cover for the former shortly, alongside finishing off the last few re-releases that need their covers amending, and the latter will follow, probably early next year nearer its DVD release. So here’s the Second Doctor collection as it currently stands.



2 Responses to “2 days and counting… The Ice Warriors”

  1. 1 Mike D 22 November 2013 at 9:01 am

    Even before the recent recoveries, I think ‘The Moonbase’ and ‘The Underwater Menace’ are still scheduled for next year too…

  2. 2 velvetjacket 22 November 2013 at 5:57 pm

    You are quite right! They are on the drawing board (ie I have some ideas floating around the back of my mind).

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