It is returning…

Hello again, mes amis. You’ll be glad to hear, I hope, that some new covers are on their way, starting with the first one just as soon as I’ve finished writing this.

Although unintentional, for the third summer in a row (if you can call the last few months here in the UK a ‘summer’) things have gone quiet on the Velvet Jacket front. It’s not a deliberate policy, I assure you, just the usual trials and tribulations of life – or maybe I just get overwhelmed by the sheer number of DVD releases at the start of the year and it takes the relative quiet of the autumn release schedule for me to get to grips with them.

Still seeking a regular job after last year’s redundancy, this time I’ve been busy on other projects, including a follow-up to The Wonderful Book (something a bit different but in a similar vein) and some exciting work for Telos Publishing. But now I’m hoping to catch up with some covers, starting with… well you’ll see in a moment.

And just to reassure regular (or new) users of my covers, I do still fully intend to produce covers for all the official DVD releases. Certainly this close to the end of the regular range, it would be heartbreaking not to. And the plan then is to fill in the gaps with DVD-style covers for the Missing Story CDs, the proviso there being that with no release schedule to keep up with and lots of colourising for 60s stories to do, who knows what rate I’ll do them at. There’s no rush, but one day I would like to have a shelf with every (Classic) story in its own Velvet Jacket.



2 Responses to “It is returning…”

  1. 1 Alex Pass 25 August 2012 at 2:47 pm

    great news, looking forward to the new covers

  2. 2 Ben Ripley 26 August 2012 at 8:24 am

    Glad to see you back. I hope something turns up soon, job-wise.
    I love my copy of ‘The Wonderful Book’ – I was reading it again just a couple of days ago. Superb stuff.

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