I had hoped to have at least one of my four outstanding covers done by now (given that’ll it’ll be five once Twin Dilemma is released next week), so here’s a quick update of where things stand.

rem-bgAs anticipated, I had a go at updating my Remembrance of the Daleks cover for the extra-extras re-release. The main thing I wanted to improve was the picture of the Doctor, as originally I could only find a very grainy copy of that photo. I thought I’d come across a better one in the meantime, but now I can’t find it or was mistaken. So although I’ve done some work recreating the background elements, I’ve decided to wait until I get the new disc itself to see if the photo gallery has what I need – and that probably won’t be for a while until it has dropped in price (can’t afford to double-dip at full price).

That means I can plough on with the Black Guardian Trilogy boxset covers. These are all sketched out and I have an idea of which images I want to use and, hopefully, where to find them. I plan to make a start this weekend and would hope to have at least one available by Monday.



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